Mom Get Away – 48 hours in New York

Mom Get Away – 48 hours in New York

Yes, this blog is traditionally about Punky traveling with her family. It is, I swear! BUT, this coming weekend, Punky’s mom is going on her first ever “girls’ trip.” As Punky’s mom and the actual voice of Punky Visits, I am beyond thrilled to share that I am going to New York City with my sister.  You probably don’t know but Punky’s aunt has 5 kids of her own (and teaches in a school) so, as she’d say, “trust and believe” we are ready for this Mami Get Away.

48 hours in New York

Punky’s Mom & Aunt ready for Adventure

It’s a short trip, we have just 48 hours in New York to pack in all that it has to offer. Seems like a short time but fortunately we’re visiting the City That Never Sleeps.  Of course, I’m a mom so , I intend on sleeping. Maybe sleeping in? But maybe not – it is only 48 hours. If you’ve seen that flick, you know that we can get into quite a bit of trouble in a such a short window of time.

What are we going to do? Who knows! We have a few places we want to see and a couple of giant milkshakes we intend to take selfies with but we’re going on this trip ready to ‘just go’. Maybe we’ll stroll Central Park maybe we’ll check out MOMA, the Staten Island Ferry will provide a free cruise passed Lady Liberty but mostly we’re just excited to get away.  Away from our husbands and kids?? YES!! Exactly. Maybe that sounds terrible but if you’re anything like us, it sounds liberating. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “you can’t serve others from an empty cup”. Here we go to refill our cups and come back home rejuvenated and ready to serve to our kids.

48 hours in New York

Cheers to refilling our cups!

Follow our adventures this weekend on Punky Visit’s Instagram or our hashtag #nicksgirls, in homage to our great dad who raised us to love adventure.

If you have any suggestions for our 48 hours in New York comment below or post to Instagram – we’re open to just about anything!


Cheers to 2018 and the adventures to follow!    

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